“Our vision is for Wallbreakers is to remove the bias in hiring and reduce the guessing game for employers”

Andrea Guendelman, CEO of Wallbreakers

Our mission

Isaac Saldana, Andrea Guendelman, and Leah La Salla created Wallbreakers because of their experiences building winning teams in the tech sector.

Tech company hiring processes have been full of waste — wasted effort and, worst of all, wasted opportunities as talented individuals slip through the cracks, particularly those from underrepresented communities.

Wallbreakers helps companies win the talent race, with an AI-powered platform that enables companies to identify, evaluate, recruit, and retain the next generator of software engineers.

The founders' commitment

We work with employers to articulate the skillsets they need in a position. We then search for promising candidates, including talented individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Our AI-powered platform then creates modularized training for these candidates based on the identified skillsets the employer needs. The platform evaluates, certifies, and matches candidates to employers.

“We remove the subjectivity from the process. Companies don’t need to conduct extensive searches and save on training costs.”

Andrea Guendelman, CEO of Wallbreakers

Wallbreakers bridges the yawning gap between even elite undergraduate programs and the specific and dynamic skillsets that employers need through training. After going through a meticulous screening process, candidates enter our rigorous free training program.

AI adjusts each training for the specific needs of our client companies and the specific strengths and weaknesses of our candidates. Intensive coding, as well as problem solving and communication skills feature prominents. Our platform’s training was designed by and features Wallbreakers instructors, who are themselves software engineers from underrepresented communities.

At the end of the certified training, Wallbreakers presents to tech firms those candidates whom the platform certifies will meet their specific hiring needs.

Wallbreakers helps companies solve three challenges. First, we save the valuable time engineers spend on recruiting. Second, we reduce the uncertainty and subjectivity in the hiring process. Finally, we are building a diversity pipeline.

“We find and polish the diamonds who others overlook.”

Andrea Guendelman, CEO of Wallbreakers