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Leverage data analytics to recruit your diverse software engineering team.

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Unbiased AI

Human error makes identifying the right talent time consuming and expensive. That’s why Wallbreakers developed a way to analyze candidate applications using Artificial Intelligence, resulting in reduced screening time, more accurate matches and diverse teams.

Identify the best talent with our Predictive Engineer Matching Algorithm ™.

Save recruiting resources by hiring pre-qualified talent in just mere minutes.

Increase diversity and become a leader in corporate social responsibility.

Shaking up the traditional recruiting methods

Working with 100% underrepresented talent from over 50 colleges and universities from across the country, including Ivy League schools, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs).

Wallbreakers transforms computer science graduates into entry-level software engineers through a rigorous 200-hour training program.

AI built using diverse datasets from underrepresented populations achieves accurate predictions and breaks the problem of bias in the recruiting process.

The Progressive Company

Hires the best software engineers in the world.

Appreciates the advantages of a diverse workforce.

Develops balanced, high-performing teams.

Saves valuable HR and recruiting resources.

“Programs such as Wallbreakers have been a valuable channel for AirBnb to find talent and achieve a more diverse intake.”


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